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We hope you're as excited as we are for you to begin your training.  The following must be completed before you can proceed to Foundations I and start your journey.


  • Make sure you have the proper system requirements listed in the RESOURCES section.

  • Download Autodesk Maya from the RESOURCES section and complete the Maya basic training if necessary.

  • Make sure you have downloaded Apple Quicktime Pro 7 from the RESOURCES Section.

  • Have purchased the texts and course materials required to take the Rocket Sky program, located in RESOURCES.


If the above has been completed then you may proceed to FOUNDATIONS I and begin your training. But before you do, let's make sure you get off on the right track.





Rocket Sky is a staged, developmental program that’s geared to advance the student IF you follow each stage as instructed. DO NOT jump ahead of the tasks, which include lectures, demos, tutorials, reading material, movies and exercises. It’s the structure that allows for constant development so maintain each stage by focusing on EVERY task until the module is complete. This simple approach will result in success if matched with a positive energy and outlook, commitment and dedication.


The history of animation is an important factor if one wishes to become a master of it. The best method for teaching our students about this amazing art form is in the viewing of the documentaries and movies within the stages. They will educate you about the great animators of the Golden Age, great animated motion pictures, classic shorts, etc. These materials are for your education and enjoyment, although some are lacking in quality having been recorded many years ago from television. They are all very valuable learning materials and are available to view in the Rocket Sky Resouces Library.


Make sure you read the “Secrets to Success” handout and refer to it when things seem to get rough. Animation is frustrating in general so obviously, it’s going to get frustrating when you’re learning it. It's also very important to practice with REPETITION. Don't just complete an exercise or a tutorial once, practice and truly become skilled by completing them 3 times, or more.


REMEMBER: There are no problems, only challenges! And we’re here to get you through any and all of your tough times.  


Now jump right in and let’s begin! If you need the basic Maya training it's located in RESOURCES






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